There are so many ways you might like to support Downton 4 Family.

Perhaps you would like to be a Family Mentor? Or maybe you would like to help at one of our events?

We believe that the most important element of fundraising is to have fun and to do something you enjoy doing (and maybe even something you are good at!)

So, whether you plan on having a bake-off or you are thinking of finally doing that marathon or shaving your waist length beard please do consider doing it as a sponsored activity to help raise money for Downton 4 Family.

When it comes to fundraising for charity the only limit is your imagination and the greatest fuel is your passion.

Charity Cars, detailed below, is a great example of passion and imagination which enables you to do something special on your special day.


Charity Cars

You can help raise funds for us by hiring a car for a special occasion.  

How We Work

Donations are always welcome